Whether your cat is an indoor pet, a barn cat or somewhere in between, we offer a full line of products for your feline friends to ensure they are at their healthiest. Find all of your cat food, treats, toys, supplies and health products here. Don't see what you need? Ask us about special orders!

The Spur Line's Top Picks


Pet Organics No Scratch Spray

Many of you know our store cat Stretch and how he loves his “quality control” job.  Using this No Scratch Spray has helped us keep Stretch from breaking into and taste testing all the cat food bags in the store.  No Scratch Spray has natural herbal essentials that discourage your cat from scratching, clawing, and even chewing!  Save your furniture, drapes, carpets, and even food bags.


KONG Catnip

Boost your cats bliss with the variety of catnip items KONG has to offer.  From toys, refills, scratchers, and more, your cat will be content and entertained.  They use a premium catnip grown in North America that your cat will love.

Cat Sushi Bonito Flakes

Pure lightly flaked tuna bits your cat will love.  A high protein low fat treat that will drive them nuts.  They come in 2 varieties, original or thick cut.  You can give these as treats or add on top of their every day kibble.  Open the bag and watch them come running!!

We also carry cat beds, supplements, snacks, training supplies, health care items, treats, grooming supplies, toys, collars, leashes, deworming, flea and tick care.


We encourage you to visit the Stafford Animal Shelter to adopt your next pet.


If we don't stock a particular brand or variety of pet food, please contact us to discuss your needs. We are happy to special order food based on your specific needs.

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