Lori and Widget

What has been your experience working with the Spur Line?

My experience working with the Spur Line has been the best.

Tell us about a problem/challenge you had and how the Spur Line helped solve it. 

My horse has kidney issues and had been losing his topline for about a year. I had unsuccessfully searched for supplements to put on weight and muscle along his topline. Jordan recommended putting him on DAC products. She did a lot of research for me to be sure the products would not harm his kidneys. Since beginning the supplements in May he has continued to improve gaining not only his topline back but his amazing glow and spirit.  

What would you tell others that haven't shopped at the Spur Line before?

For anyone looking for kind, knowledgeable and caring people, stop by the Spur Line. They’ll take care of you and your beloved 4 legged family.

Why do you shop at the Spur Line?

I shop at the Spur Line because I receive good advice, and they are my go to source for anything horse, dog and chicken.

I am so happy with the DAC products Jordan introduced me to for my horse – words cannot express my appreciation.

Lori, Livingston MT


Palmer and Lonesome

To all @ The Spurline who care about my rescue I dearly Love you all...I'm proud to share this pix with you of a rescue DOVE named (LONESOME)...He has been with me since I found him with a broken wing last May 2015 on an audio gig at the Park County Fair Grounds...We have made it through the winter and are doing fine...He get's yard time and loves King My Doberman and Maxwell the Manx Cat...Not sure we could have made it without your experience in the bird world...Others would not help and you stepped up...

Heart to you my Friends...