We think it's true that Park County has more dogs than people…seriously…just take a look around. Montanans love their furry friends. To make sure our canine companions are at their best we offer the best brands of dog food, treats, toys, accessories, and healthcare products to meet your budget and your pet’s nutritional needs.

And now we've made it easy and convenient for you to shop for your pet food and supplies. Shop online and we'll get it ready for you to pick up curbside.

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We all love to spoil our pups with a brand new toy. We carry an extensive line of dog toys from brands you can trust like Kong, West Paw, Chuck-it and more.

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You dog deserves the very best in pet nutrition. We carry a wide range of dog food including Taste of the Wild, Nutrisource, Petcurean, Zignature, Victor, Diamond, and more. Be sure to ask about our Frequent Buyer Program.

The Spur Line's Top Picks

King Kanine King Kombs

King Kombs have triple retractable blades and a rubberized comb that helps to de-shed your pets.  If your pet is sensitive to being brushed this could be a good option for optimum hair removal with decreased negative reaction.  The teeth do not pull the hair and the rubberized side not only helps groom your pets but can also get hair off surfaces! King Kanine provides "all-natural products to promote health and well-being in our pets inside and out!"

Pet Releaf Edibites Dog Treats

Pet Releaf Edibites

“Provide truly healthy products that will always be made with honesty and integrity”

Pet Releaf Edibites are non-prescriptive 100% natural treats made from organic wholesome ingredients.  Each treat is a “superfood smoothie” for your pet and contains from 1.5 – 5 mg of active CBD.  CBD works with the brain and the body to elicit beneficial responses that can improve the quality of your pet’s life.  With a healthy diet and activity level, pets have been seen to have improvements in anti-inflammatory response to help with movement, stress-based anxiety and aggression, decreased nausea, increased appetite, and more!

Northwest Naturals Raw Diet Food

Northwest Naturals and Primal

Raw diets have three essential benefits for pets different than dried food including enzymes, amino acids, and intracellular moisture that helps pets absorb the most nutrients during digestions.  Northwest Naturals and Primal raw are complete and balanced diets containing high quality proteins, fresh fruits and veggies, and can be found in both nugget and chub forms.  Raw diets have been proven highly effective with pets with medical and sensitivity issues to provide them with the nutrition they desire.

Nutrisource Dog Food


“A company dedicated to producing pet food for the long-term health of family pets and providing quality and safety in every bag”

We stand behind NutriSource products because of their Good 4 Life System, focus on long term pet health, and use of quality safe ingredients.  The Good 4 Life System is in every bag to support brain function, odor control, and skin and coat through nutrient absorption and most importantly gut health!  NutriSource feed is beneficial for every pet especially those with sensitive stomachs or who are prone to food sensitive allergies.

Ruff Wear

We carry the Front Range Harness from RuffWear which is a GREAT everyday any activity harness for your dogs to wear.  The best parts of this harness include the easy fit to your dog, the padding for comfort, and the 2 leash attachments for everyday and for dogs whole tend to pull.  Plus, it comes in an amazing color selection!

Kong Dog Toys


Soft toys, squeaky toys, chewy toys and more!  Kong NEVER disappoints when it comes to their quality and selection of toys and more.  You can bet there is a plethora of them scattered around the store because our pets love them!  They are fun, bright, durable, and there is always something new to find.  

Need help deciding the best food for your furry friend? We are here to help.

Our pet food experts can recommend the best options for allergies, size, age, activity level, and breed of dog.

If we don't stock a particular brand or variety of pet food, please contact us to discuss your needs. We are happy to special order food based on your specific needs.

We also carry dog beds, supplements, snacks, training supplies, health care items, treats, grooming supplies, toys, crates, collars, leashes, deworming, flea and tick care.


We encourage you to visit the Stafford Animal Shelter to adopt your next pet.

Frequent buyer cards are available for select lines of dog food. Ask about our frequent buyer program today!

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