Here at the Spur Line we really do try to cover all your farm, ranch, and animal needs. We stock quality products that will stand up to Park County weather, work when you need them, and stand the test of time.

Vet Supplies

We carry an extensive selection of vet supplies to help you care for your livestock and other animals. We always recommend consulting a veterinarian before using.


The Spur Line's Top Picks

Cross Five Cattle Coolers

Calving, branding, pre-conditioning oh my!  Cross Five Cattle Coolers are a dual compartment cooler with color coordinated vaccination/medication holsters that will hold temperature for a few days when stored in ideal conditions to make working your livestock organized and efficient.  When picking out the right cooler they have a no holsters easy everyday use cooler, up to 4 holster cooler (keep in mind the 3-holster cooler is designed to work ~ 400 head at a time).  Store your vaccines and medications to keep them cold and readily available, organize your syringes to avoid mistakes, and use the top of the cooler to mix, organize tags, take notes, and more!

Little Giant Muck Buckets and Pans

One stop shop for all buckets and feed pans!  We carry a variety of Little Giant plastic and rubber muck buckets and feed pans in different sizes and colors to suit your needs.  Use these buckets and feed pans for mixing, feeding, hauling, and holding grain, water, and more.  These products are durable, affordable, and you can even color coordinate your supplies per animal or to your liking.

Little Giant Chicken Feeder/Waterer

Feed and water are two important factors to raising healthy and happy poultry.  We have a selection of water and feeders to suit your poultry needs.  From plastic to galvanized and even the Little Giant Dome line.  From a backyard poultry project to a full run egg layer operation, these products will store as much feed and water you need for your operation size.  We have feeders that hold from 3 to 60 pounds and waterers that hold from 1 to 10 gallons (excluding products for chicks) that are easy to fill, move, and clean!

Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment

Family run and made in the USA.  Offers a variety of steel products from gardens to ranch to arenas.

Stay Tuff

Superior all around fence products with innovative designs and production that increase strength and durability.  Best in Class Warranties.  Made in Texas.

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