Ranching heritage is strong in Park County and the backbone of our community. Whether you have 5 head or 5,000 head, we can provide you with a complete nutritional and herd health plan for your livestock to help keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently. We offer hay, forage and water testing, as well as complete nutritional consulting, problem solving, customized formulations, bulk delivery and truckload direct delivery discounts. We have many resources and professionals available to help resolve any nutritional issues that may arise.


We also carry products for goats, alpacas, llamas and emus.

The Spur Line's Top Picks

Payback Feeds

Every feed is carefully formulated with the highest-quality ingredients.  It’s dependable, hardworking feed designed to improve performance and production with wallet smart nutrition.  Made in Great Falls and delivered weekly.


Rio Nutrition Livestock Supplements

Low consumption high performance tub unlike any other on the market.  The results with this complete nutrition indirect supplementation tub are phenomenal.  IST lowers input costs, increases inefficiency and helps boost profitability.



Considered a probiotic it helps stabilize rumen ph, decrease cortisol levels, boosts water and feed consumption and increases the healthy gut microbes.

We also carry oats, corn, cob, vaccines, dewormer, animal health products, calving supplies, lambing supplies, farrowing supplies, kidding supplies, branding supplies, and shearing supplies.


Learn more about additional functional supplies for your livestock.


If we don't stock a particular brand or variety, please contact us to discuss your needs. We are happy to special order feed based on your specific needs.

Truckload pricing and delivery available.

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