Chicken Feed is our number one selling feed. We have everything you need for your flock…feed, treats, supplies, veterinary materials, and advice.


If you like to feed the wild birds or ducks in Sacajawea Park, we can help you out there too. Whatever your wing needs are, we've got your covered!

The Spur Line's Top Picks

Paycheck Chicken Feed

Our Payback line of feed is made in Montana and offers a Buy 10 Get 1 Free card. And the best part is that we keep track of it for you.

Big Sky Organics

Certified USDA organic egg layer and scratch from MT farms. Made in Fort Benton, MT

Now carrying organic and non-GMO options of chicken feed and treats!


We also carry scratch, whole corn, cracked corn, grit, oyster shell, pigeon feed, black oil sunflowers, thistle seed, Circle S wild bird seed, treats, vet supplies, straw, and shavings.


If we don't stock a particular brand or variety, please contact us to discuss your needs. We are happy to special order based on your specific needs.

Buy 10 Cards are available for Payback egg layer pellets and krumbles. Ask about our frequent buyer program today!

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Saturday: 9AM - 4PM

Sunday: Closed


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